For presentation purposes only. This interactive takeover of the Fandango homepage is an ad sales concept mock that was presented to Disney Studios for the Tomorrowland movie ad campaign. The takeover starts with a user click of the 300 x 250 ad unit, mimicking the film by using the button’s ability to transport the person touching it to another world. After initiated, the 300 x 250 ad unit quickly expands to cover the homepage and reveal a wheat field motif with the Tomorrowland skyline in the distance. The video zooms towards the city of Tomorrowland, taking the user on a jet-pack style tour of some of Tomorrowland’s exotic features. The video tour completes its cycle, fading to black with the film’s logo flying into frame and revealing the button in which the user first clicked for final brand recognition. This storyboard is for conceptual purposes only pending final studio assets. The images depicting The City of Arts & Sciences, Valencia were gathered from Google images.


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