The season theme project for NFL digital is a comprehensive visual effort to give the website a stylized look for various phases of the football season without having to redesign the entire site. Goals of the visual thematic are to unify fan experience with site content, increase custom deliverable quality and reduce the cost of concepting and executing graphics for everyday news articles. The entire season theme is broken into a series of 2 or 3 week phases. Each phase requires a package of assets to be delivered to the Editorial department that includes a custom Homepage background skin, a style guide, and artwork templates. This alleviates the need for the creative team to provide direction on every small promo or photo feature that crosses the homepage, and allows the photo team to meet shorter deadlines with less prep work. The theme chosen for the 2013-14 season was called Hero’s Journey: an emotional narrative of the entire NFL season using the progression of color as well as other visual elements such as textures, patterns, gradients, and layered effects.


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