BPG Werks is North American company known for progressive engineering strategies and innovative products like the UNO concept bikes and the DTV Shredder. This brochure is designed to attract investors before releasing the DTV Shredder to the commercial market. The last page includes product teaser that reveals the company’s developmental concept bike. It contains a built-in mechanical pulley, hidden by a die cut. As the lever is pulled, the wheels of the motor bike transform like the real vehicle.

The DTV Shredder (or Dual Tracked Vehicle) redefines ‘off-road’ by transforming the outdoors into your personal playground. Its all-mechanical design, powerful engine and aggressive tank treads allows for high-speed travel on any terrain, in any season. While the ground-breaking vehicle demands the attention of adrenaline junkies worldwide, it also doubles as a rugged, multi-application workhorse for law enforcement, military, hunting, farming and other industries.

Video of the mechanical pulley teaser ad:

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