Black Bird White Sky is a Brooklyn based electro-rock band that combines driving dance beats and soaring vocal melodies with the dark, complex backdrop of catchy synth hooks and guitar riffs. After collaborating with producer/engineer/mixer Nic Hard (The Bravery, The Kin, Church, Ghost Beach), the trio released The Remixes EP consisting of four original songs, three of which are remixes from the band’s debut self-titled album that was written, sung, and co-produced by band creator Ronnie Shingelo.

This website marks where the band’s social media efforts, blog, and online store convene to serve as the primary online resource for fans and booking agents. After garnering a lot of media attention the band needed a strong web identity and one-stop-shop for public interest.

This banner ad  reflects the moody ambience of the website to promote the band’s self-titled album and initiate traffic from external online sources.

This alternate concept of the website design reveals a darker representation of the band when their style resembled Shingelo’s previous outfits, Silvercord and SkinGod.

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